Doane Stuart

Our alums are amazing!

This week, Mateo Boulos ’17 and Amelia Stapleton ’15 received their white coats during the White Coat Ceremony at the Albany Medical College. The ritual is a rite of passage marking the beginning of their medical school journey and entrance into the medical profession.  In addition to receiving the coats they will wear throughout their training, students also take an oath to responsibly and compassionately care for future patients. Mateo and Amelia were two of 145 students who received their white coats.  Congratulations to both of you; the Doane Stuart community is so proud!

Picture 1: Amelia Stapleton ‘15, Mateo Boulos ‘17, Nicholas Boulos ’21, and Lucas Boulos ’25

Picture 2:Trustee Dr. Alan Boulos, Mateo Boulos ‘17, Dr. Maria Boulos, Nicholas Boulos ‘21 and Lucas Boulos ‘25

Picture 3: Amelia Stapleton ’15


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