Doane Stuart

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Graham Tichy DS '96

Tell us about your family?
My wife, Katie and I have been married 11 years. We have two kids: Kay, 9, and Theodore, 7. Kay is an enthusiast of DIY YouTube videos and gymnastics. If she’s not attempting to make her own cosmetics out of items in the pantry, she can be found terrifying us with her back handsprings in the backyard. Theo is a Lego Masterbuilder who someday dreams of becoming an insult comic.



Where do you live?
I have been lucky enough to live in the Capital Region my entire life, presently in Wynantskill. As “square” as that may sound to the 18-year-old me, I feel that I now have deep roots planted in this area and I value that greatly.

Who inspires you?
I am reminded daily of the genius of some of my remaining living musical heroes, specifically Chuck Berry and Little Richard. Fortunately, I haven’t aspired to emulate their personal lives!

With whom at DS do you still connect?
Since I still live in the Capital District and I cast a wide social and professional net, I see LOTS of DS folks! There are too many to list! Ian Carlton and I play music together almost daily. I see the Byron’s, the Gallo’s and the Dively’s all the time. Not to mention running into others on a daily basis, or Facebook.

How do you think DS prepared you as an adult? As a professional?
It’s hard to quantify the influence Doane Stuart had on me. First of all, I am professionally doing what I had planned on since middle school, which is to play music. When you spend your teenage years in a small social environment, you can’t help but to seek your own identity. I carved a path for myself that I really don’t believe I would have chosen if I had gone to a large public school. Secondly, the academics at Doane Stuart were rigorous enough to prepare me for the hard work that it takes to be in the arts. Again, the 18-year-old me would be shaking his head in disbelief, but I really enjoy hard work and independent study. I think Doane Stuart planted that seed in me.